A Multifaceted Approach to your Coaching and Consulting Needs!

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When you really think about it, we are all complex and layered individuals. You are allowed
to be multi-passionate, multi-purposed, and multi-talented. The different parts of who we
are don’t exist in silos and for that reason we utilize a Multifaceted approach that takes all of
those parts into consideration as we assess your needs.

Our hybrid coaching-consultant method provides you with the support, resources and
solutions you need to achieve your desired results.

Meet Coach Kae

Kae Ricketts is a multifaceted mother, strategist, philanthropist, coach and serial entrepreneur with a passion for leveraging synergies, who does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to life or business.

Kae is widely known as the quintessential advisor for all things business, strategy, and problem-solving. With dual bachelor’s degrees from Bentley University, a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Simmons University, and multiple certifications in process improvement, professional leadership coaching and facilitation under her belt, Kae is the definition of unstoppable!

Kae has a full-time role as a senior strategist for a global scientific company and runs several small businesses including an on demand mobile notary service, an online clothing brand, and a boutique coaching and consulting firm. As if all of that is not enough, Kae also serves as an executive board member for the Boston professional chapter of the National Black MBA Association, and is the founder of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a
positive impact within historically underserved communities.

Our Story

Whether she’s consulting with small businesses on how to turn whiteboard goals into reality or coaching individuals of all stages and ages on
how to level up in their careers, Kae’s knack for strategic problem solving not only comes from her breadth of professional expertise but also
her own personal experiences with adversity.

Whether its charting her own career path from scratch with no real guidance or best practice examples, or completing a rigorous MBA program
while working full time and caring for a young child and terminally ill spouse... Kae knows a thing or two about how to maneuver through life’s
obstacles while still empowering herself and others to go after what they want.

And while overcoming adversity has become an (unintended) specialty of hers, Kae’s next undertaking is simple: to use her skills,
expertise and experiences to inspire others to be their unapologetic, goal-getting, don’t-put-me-in-a- box selves while celebrating their ability
to show up authentically in the spaces and places that they operate in each day.

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Multifaceted AF Podcast

Welcome to The Multifaceted AF podcast, hosted by the Multifaceted Mama herself, Kae Ricketts! 

Our aim is to help you own every single piece of who you are, loudly and proudly. 

Joined by special guests and friends, listen in on the conversations as they share what it really looks like to take up space in ALL places... authentically and unapologetically!.

Multifaceted Manifestations
Affirmation Cards

This deck of motivational statements will provide the encouragement you need to set your intentions and strive for your goals. Each affirmation prompts you to speak abundance, alignment and positivity over your life.

There is really no right or wrong way to use your affirmation cards. You can add them to your vision board or planner as a beautiful reminder to remain positive.

You can use the cards as a part of your daily routine to help set your intentions as you meditate or as journal prompts to get the juices flowing. You can pull cards with a group of friends to spark conversation… the options really are endless.


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