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We use a hybrid coaching-consultant method to dive head-first into the issues and provide an in depth assessment of the current state, highlighting potential obstacles that may be holding your business back. We then guide you through strategy, planning, and problem solving activities to help you build and develop your own knowledge and skills while providing you with support, resources
and solutions your business needs to achieve your desired results.

Our strategic consulting services cover a variety of areas including:

Career Coaching

Career planning and professional development can be a tricky task.... Especially if you are looking to make a pivot in your career or if you have a multitude of passions and wide-ranging experiences and skill sets that you want to leverage. As someone with very diverse and varied work experience and education, I know how frustrating it can be to KNOW that you can do a job, but to have a hard time actually getting hired.

While I have managed to navigate my own career path pretty successfully, the road was long and bumpy with A LOT of pit falls and wrong turns along the way. Now, the road to your best career ever doesn’t have to be that way. I am walking proof that with the right strategy you can absolutely create the career of your dreams. And that’s where Kae & Co. career coaching comes in.

Through our services ambitious, multi-passionate goal seekers get the guidance and resources needed to identify their career objectives, set goals, and define their step by step career advancement strategy.

Whether you are looking to brand yourself as a thought leader, develop your skills so you can be an invaluable asset as you excel with your current employer, or land a new role, you can count on us to show you the way.

Life Coaching

If you’re a Multifaceted goal-getter with big dreams,juggling multiple priorities and striving to strike a balance but you’re missing the strategy and accountability to execute… life coaching is absolutely for you!
Coaching works like Miracle Grow for your life. It will help take you from good to GREAT!

Our Life Coaching services cover a variety of areas including:
+ Goal setting
+ Building self-awareness
+ Identifying your blind spots and situations that may derail you
+ Navigating transitions (personal, professional, otherwise)
+ Fostering confidence and self-worth
+ Identifying and reframe negative self talk
+ Defining and build work-life balance
+ Building and strengthening relationships

Panelist, Speaker,  Workshop 


Looking for a panelist, speaker or facilitator on topics that range from professional development
to building leadership competencies? Coach Kae has over 10 years of experience in facilitating
training courses, workshops and informational sessions for schools, youth programs, universities,
nonprofit organizations, large corporations and more. She speaks from a relevant and relatable
perspective, engaging audiences with her content and storytelling delivery style.

Engagement includes:

• Personalized recommendations on content and objectives based on the organization's needs
• Creation of customized content including presentation materials and worksheets (if applicable)
to engage audience and stakeholders
• Discounted merchandise (i.e. affirmation cards, custom branded apparel and accessories, etc.)

Let’s Work Together

Strategy Blitz 


‘Blitz’ by definition is a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task. During this 60 to 90 minute rapid fire strategy session, we will focus on one aspect of your business to get crystal clear on a plan of attack. This is an effective way to see some immediate results by putting concentrated energy on one target.



A VIP Day is just what it sounds like, a full day where you and your business needs are the main focus. This accelerated one time intensive session is best for those who are already clear on what their goals are and need some guidance with creating a strategy for execution. During this session we will roll-up our sleeves together, define the end goal, identify potential obstacles and challenges, align on an appropriate plan of attack, and engage the appropriate resources to take your business to the next level.



Our six week group coaching program is designed to be a safe space for entrepreneurs in different stages of their business journey. In addition to guidance and teachings on a curated list of business topics, the group setting creates accountability, fosters resource and best practice sharing, and builds a community of like-minded entrepreneurs rife with opportunities to form ongoing alliances and partnerships.




Interested in creating merchandise to promote your business or to jump start your own brand, we offer custom product printing to meet your needs. Book your product printing discovery call today to get started.



Multifaceted Mobile Notary provides on-demand notary, fingerprinting, and Apostille services where and when you need them. Our mobile service representatives can come to you to take care of all your important business documentation needs.

Strategic Marketing Collateral

Looking to create a professional and cohesive visual aesthetic to help elevate and promote your brand... book a strategic marketing collateral discovery call today to get started.


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