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Our Events

The Multifaceted Mama brand was created as a celebration of the ability to show up authentically in the spaces and places that we operate in each day. 

Our mission is to curate events that foster community anchored in authentically where you can show up as your true self and find your tribe.

Meet Ups

 Social events and gatherings centered around building community and engaging in a specific activities.


Themed opportunities for like-minded individuals to convene and share common interests, network, socialize and fellowship.


Informational and educational sessions designed to facilitate personal or professional development.

Upcoming Events

Navigating Your Unique Career Path


Join us at Harvard University for their Office of Workforce and Economic Development's Monday Job Seekers Connection.  

Date: Monday, April 1st 

Time: 11:00am - 12:30pm

Explore alternative pathways to career advancement with Coach Kae. This session goes beyond the typical career ladder conversation, offering a strategic approach to leveraging key experiences and themes to help propel your professional journey forward through personal development and career success.

Bentley University Alumni Conference

Panel Session

Join us during breakout session II at the Bentley University Alumni Conference for a panel session titled "Bringing Your Authentic Self to Work" 

Date: Thursday, May 9th 

Time: 1:15-2:15pm

Stay tuned for more details on how you can attend and engage in this important conversation.

Past Events Showcase!

Multifaceted Meet Up - 

Pilates Edition

Flashback to our first Multifaceted Meet Up: Pilates Edition!

We got together for a fun and energizing Pilates session and it was the perfect opportunity to connect with other amazing ladies while getting a great workout. Our experienced instructor guided us through a series of Pilates exercises to strengthen your core, improve flexibility, and boost our overall well-being.... but more importantly is was an opportunity to connect and build community.

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